My goal at Companion Canines is to help your dog become a happy, well-balanced and reliable companion. We offer a unique opportunity to find out what training methods work best along with giving you information to make you and your dog’s lives better. Scientific learning theories have proven canines to be a social- and community-driven animal, each with their own specific language.

All of the training done with Companion Canines is built around positive reinforcement as well as non-physical punishment. Through mental and physical activity, the goal for your animal is to become a well-balanced family member. As a result, your dog will not be lonely or develop destructive behavior when left alone, and will be better behaved during human and social interactions.

Dogs won’t always be perfect, but they certainly deserve to be happy!


Follow the link below to access a free download of my New Puppy Handbook, a guide to everything you want to know after getting your new puppy!

New Puppy Handbook

Interview with Ron Jolly (WTCM 103.5 | 93.5), November 7, 2018.

We are truly thankful and continually amazed at the results of Companion Canines. Janet assessed the behaviors of our Airedale Terriers creating individualized plans to meet out goals within a pack of 3 dogs (2 litter mates and 1 rescue). Janet transformed chaos into a team that works together. The ideal dream of pet ownership can be attained but anything good requires practice, work, and consistency. The best part she becomes part of your team and is there for you and your pack even after completing the training should you encounter questions and to participate in group pack walks. We highly recommend her as a trainer – her behavioral knowledge, guidance and care are beyond compare.

Jan Wilkerson

Janet took our Shepherd pup and turned him into a perfect gentleman. She is the original dog whisperer. Somehow the dogs (we also havea Schnauzer) seem to know what Janet is thinking and wants them to do b/4 she gives a command and they just want to please her. She is amazing. The dogs LOVE her and she loves them. We have recommended her many times to friends and no-one is ever disappointed. P.S. We Love Janet too 

Suzie Gariepy Ludgin