Companion Canines primarily focuses on obedience and traditional manners. The requirements for STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, and AKC Community canine certifications will be covered as well. I am also skilled in and can provide information on Therapy and Service dog qualifications.
Coming Soon! Videos will be available to break down the tests into sections for you to practice at home so you and your dog will pass on the first attempt. Earning titles in obedience for both you and your dog is an accomplishment to be incredibly proud of.


Basic bathing, brushing, and nail trimming can be achieved easily at home. Grooming and handling your dog is important for bonding and a great training opportunity, even if you decide to go to a professional groomer every couple of months. Your groomer will appreciate a well behaved dog and your dog will enjoy the experience much more if they are relaxed.

Coming Soon! Grooming instruction videos that will demonstrate different types of equipment, both old and new, as well as proper usage so you can select the best methods to achieve the best grooming experience for your dog.


The products promoted by Companion Canines aid in easy, reliable, and fun training. Since every dog is different, a variety of products have been selected to cover all types of training, from learning simple manners and obedience to more complex levels of training.