Very knowledgeable trainer! Very clean and well kept property and training area, would highly recommend. A place where your dog comes first.

Matthew Adam

She did a great job with my out of control GSD. He now listens. I would highly recommend her for dog training.

Chris Ramsay

Shes the best. Always gets my spoiled fur babies back on track.

Katy DiPirro

Janet is outstanding!!

Willard Kleehammer

I want to thank you again for Maya’s training

Good evening Janet, been a long time. Ron Ludgin told me the last contacts with you and that he informed you I had another dog. Not sure if he told you any background on the new dog, but I got her as a rescue from the humane society about two weeks ago. I had been thinking about a second dog as a playmate for Maya and it definitely seems to be working out quite well. The new dog’s name is Juno and she is just over 3 years old.

Ron Henning

He was a completely different dog…

My name is Brian Henriksen and I own an 18 month male German Shepherd.  I took him to Janet when he was 1 year old.  I had done training work with him previously so he already knew and was pretty good at the basic commands, ie; sit, stay, down, come, heel, etc.  I was going out of town for a week so asked Janet to work with him to enhance his current training and focus on off leash work and socialization with other dogs.

When I returned I was VERY impressed with the results.  He was a completely different dog (for the better) when near other dogs.  His off leash work was excellent.  And, he learned at least another half dozen or so commands.  Janet followed up with me a week or so after I picked him up to make sure he was doing well.  She even sent me a two page email with a summary of what she had done and some recommendations for me to follow up on.

I would recommend Janet highly for any dog training or overnight boarding!

Brian Henriksen

Janet the “dog wisperer”!
TRUST that’s what it’s all about…
I love Arrow & I am not able to give Arrow the Experience or the daily exercise or freedom that this Dog requires to be a straight flying Arrow to pull out of my quiver whenever my mom or I need.
“HOOYAH Janet DiPirro ..”

Chi Fit

There is nobody in the world I would trust more with my dogs than Janet…..she has been there for us time after time, and is truly blessed with a special gift. I would recommend her highly!!

Sue Chema

Finding a skilled dog trainer is difficult. I feel fortunate to have found Janet DiPirro to help me with the training of my Golden Retriever, Luke.

Luke is my third dog. While my knowledge of dogs has grown over the years, my ability to teach my own dog more than sit, down, and maybe stay, has not grown enough that I felt competent to train him. I needed a good trainer. In Janet I found a great trainer who was able to assess my dog’s skills as well as my skills.  (more…)

Jeanne Esch – Traverse City, MI